Turns out Jared’s rather good with a camera…

We all know “us designers” are very visual people, and it just so happens our current intern Jared has a passion for photography, read on…

Designing at a desk in a studio has become part of my daily routine as a design student, and as much as I love brainstorming ideas and making them become a reality in what has become my natural habitat, I do enjoy exploring the great outdoors when I can.


I started studying Photography during my time at college, and since then have kept it as more of a hobby than a career path, allowing me to capture some incredible places at my own pace (It also acts as brilliant stress relief!). Experimenting with subjects and different methods of shooting became incredibly satisfying and rewarding as my ability improved, and visiting some exotic locations really helped to brighten up my portfolio! Living in the city of Sheffield has also provided the opportunity to capture well known locations from a new perspective, and constantly makes me think “How can I make that look unique in a photograph”.


Not only do I photograph locations around the city, but I also try and create more dynamic shots with experiments including ‘light trails’ and night-time photography, focusing on the fast-paced public transport and nightlife of Sheffield (which there is PLENTY of!). To document my photoshoots, I often upload to Instagram, which I like to use almost as an online portfolio for all my outings and experimenting, as it lets me showcase my favourite photographs with ease.


I’ve also been lucky enough to visit the beautiful country of Cuba in 2018, as well as the vibrant city of Valencia in Spain during the summer of 2017, both of which to this day I hold as some of my most successful photography locations, with their bustling urban areas and secluded wildlife spots giving some amazing subjects to capture! I’m always looking for new locations and ideas, so here are some I’ve documented until now!

photo skills 9
Let’s have a look then…

Here we have a sample of Jared’s work, a range of interesting and creative images captured by Jared – very well thought out, nicely framed photo’s taken with a designers eye.


We think they’re quite successful!

photo skills 2

Vintage Tour

photo skills 5

Hidden Lizard

photo skills 4

Night Light

photo skills 7

Wild Hutia

photo skills 3

City Rush

photo skills 6

Shy Beluga

photo skills 1