We’re (not) gonna catch em’ all…

Just one a day for 7 days! All caught on film… not bad going for a bunch of amateurs! Pokemon Go Sheffield

We thought we could hear something in the studio, not all the time, just now and again.


For a few weeks we ignored what sounded like the gentle pitter patter of tiny footsteps and the occasional giggle from the far corners of the room. We naturally assumed due to our heavy work load and the hot and sticky temperatures in Sheffield, we were imagining things.


Then late one July afternoon we spotted the first, and then another – “it’s Pokemon Go” someone yelled!


You must understand some of these little guys are tricky characters and it has taken a lot of time and effort from the whole team to capture our excitable new inhabitants on film.

Pokemon Go Sheffield


Hope you all enjoy our new little friends and who knows, the next time you visit our studio you could see one too!

Pokemon Go Sheffield – What’s this all about then – Pokewhat?

We’re not going to lie, it was extremely difficult capturing our “new friends” on the old cine camera but we knew you would want to delight in the sheer good fortune of our office being one of the most densely populated pokemon areas in the country.


We have so far caught: Eevee, Scraggy, Gengar, Hawlucha, Manaphy, Raichu and very rude little Pancham, we think that’s the lot but…


You never know!